Editor – Holiday Cover

Hello All,

Looks like I won’t be starting my next big job until Mid-august, so if anyone is looking for holiday cover or an extra pair of hands in the cutting room, give me a call on 07946 352583 or my agent – Jessica Carney- a call on 020 7434 4143. You’ll find my cv and clips on my website. 

Happy Wednesday.

Best Wishes


@DanCrinnion Film Editor – Monthly Clip

Dear All,

I have been away for a while working on @AckleyBridge for Channel 4, but I am finished now, so thought I would get back to popping up some more clips from my website. This month’s featured clip comes from Jed Mercurio’s stunning Medical Drama ‘Critical'(Sky 1), directed by @joneastuk, with Cinematography by Tim Palmer and starring  ‘The Walking Dead’s’ amazing #LennieJames. In this clip, Glen Boyle and Fiona Lomas have to operate at a roadside accident.



WARNING: NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED (Rated 15 – Contains realistic depictions of medical procedures.)

Ackley Bridge starts tonight on Channel 4, 8PM

Dear All,

This is why I was disappearing off to Halifax for the last few months. Ackley Bridge starts this evening on Channel 4 at 8PM. Take a look, it is really good fun and there are some truly fantastic performances (oh and I edited Episode 5 & assembled Episode6).

To all TV types, I am free at the moment so if you are looking for an Editor, or some cover/extra pair of hands in the cutting room, let me or my agent -Jessica Carney (020 7434 4143)- know.

All the best