The Last Kingdom Season 3 – Out now on Netflix

Dear All,

Apologies for this, I promise I will stop but the shows I’ve worked on are a bit like buses at the moment. Anyway, The Last Kingdom Season 3 is now out on Netflix. I have loved this show for a long time and was very lucky to be involved with this season -cutting Episodes 5&6. If you haven’t seen it, the first two seasons are also on Netflix and I would highly recommend it as a binge watch, it is great.




The Last Kingdom Season3 carnival

Finished #Killingeve – Season 2 and am now kicking my heels.

Good Afternoon All,

I have now finished working on the #Killing Eve – Season 2 and am now looking for my next project. If you are in need of an Editor, or an extra pair of hands in the cutting room to assemble or cover for you, please contact myself at or my agent, Jessica Carney on 020 7434 4143, email

Here’s one of my favourite moments from Series 1.